"This product is amazing! All three of my kids, ages 4, 2 and 7 months, are transfixed to the screen every time it is on. The program is easy to follow and enjoyable for parents too. My kids are engaged for long periods of time and repeat back the words on the screen. I strongly recommend Bright Signs Learning if you want your kids to read."

"We got this program for our son and he LOVES it! Before, he would never sit and watch anything for even the shortest period of time and with Bright Signs, he will actually sit and watch! We are so happy with the program and would recommend it to anyone who wants to help instill a love for learning in their child." - Mother of 16 month old boy using BSL program

"Amy is hooked on the Bright Signs Learning videos and flashcards. She loves pretending to be Mrs. Shelby and play the teacher!" - Dad of 2 year old girl using BSL program

"My daughter is mesmerized! We just used the first set of flash cards. Love them! So clear. I could already see her getting a couple of words she was already familiar with. Awesome program!" - Mom of 14 month old girl using BSL program

"We bought the program about 4 or 5 weeks ago and I can honestly say I am totally floored by the results. She has picked up SO many words and signs in this short period of time that it makes me realize how much she probably absorbs that I don’t even realize (note to self!). The videos give you signs for useful words around the house (i.e. milk, water, different foods) and now my daughter will not only do the sign for it but is saying the word at the same time!! I just sent a video of her saying a bunch of these new words to my mother who hadn’t seen her in about six weeks and she was just stunned at the difference in how she was communicating. - Mom of 17 month old girl using bright signs

"Just wanted to let you know that Ms. Shelby and Paulie are in Italy! This is my adorable grand-niece Ali completely mesmerized! - 6 month old using BSL

"The BSL videos make my day when the boys are being wild and I say 'How about we watch Ms. Shelby and Paulie?’ I turn on the video and they are chilled out & having fun ( and learning!) for the next 27 minutes! Hallelujah!" - mom of 15 month old twin boys using Bright Signs Learning program